Over 40 participating divers, a 7 metre underwater Christmas tree mostly made of recycled materials and a total sum over €600 collected for the Hospice Movement followed by great socialising and a drop or two of mulled wine and imbuljuta :)

Thanks to Divesystems for their support, San Anton School Children for collecting plastic bottles for the event and to Hospice Movement volunteers for shore help and telling us how every euro collected helps their cause.

 Videos Raniero Borg, Pictures David Agius, Matthew Aquilina and Veronica Busuttil



It's been quite some time since we updated the Club Dive Log, unfortunately due to the sheer number of dives we're doing :)

Just a quick recap to give you an idea of where we've been recently...

Another of those dives quite close to Cirkewwa South Quay, but this time a little bit farther away is this Boat Diving site, about 1km out from the nearest shore, where we continue diving along the wall forming part of a reef which drops down to the 50s and even more further out.

When the North West wind is blowing, Gozo lends a helping hand by providing some nice dive sites, suitable for all levels, filled with the best underwater topography of the islands. 

Qammiegh Point is probably the closest boat dive site from the South Quay. It's just a short boat ride away (about 15/20 minutes) and there's only one reason why we would do a boat ride this close. FOOD. Because today we had a BBQ in plan for midday and the Chef doesn't like his guests to be late :)