Kindly note Proposed Legal Reform for Tourist Industry Consultation process (click here).

Pages 199 -218 of the Consultation Document refer to the the Recreational Diving Services Industry. The Club Committee will be discussing the implications for Calypso Sub-Aqua Club at the next committee meeting next Tuesday 8th March 2016.

Notable changes from current legislation include:

- A dive centre definition includes Police registered diving clubs (and thus all rules apply to them as well)
- Emphasis on Dive Centres Quality in Staff and Infrastructure, prohibition on unlicensed dive centres from advertising
- Reduction on definitions of technical equipment 
- Change in Structure of Fines (almost tenfold increase in maximum fine to almost €25k)
- Anyone over 60years old has to be medically certified to be fit to dive


Current Legislation and Relative pages of the consultation document are attached below.


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