On the 20th September 2016, our club members and general public was served with a very well put together show by Mr. Tano Role` about three of the wrecks that are dived on technical dives done by the club members.

The Presentation about the HMS Stubborn, HMS Southwold and Le Polynesien was a collage of videos and photos taken by Mr. Role`on these club dives and also add-ons to illustrate the history of the wrecks and the stories about how they ended up in depths of 60m around Maltese Shores.

Thanks again from the club to Mr. Role`. The presentation was followed by serving of hot dogs and by having the bar open to lubricate the chatter and catchups between the divers.

This is the first social activity for the "winter" season when club nights will have different speakers coming up with diverse subjects. 

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