CSAC membership Form

Once in a while (normally at the time you are renewing your membership), we will ask you to update your member details so that we have the correct membership data..

Kindly fill in the form below and click on "Submit". Data will be received by the Club Secretary and you will receive an email confirmation once the data is vetted.

If you had any issues in filling out the form, feel free to contact us on the email info@calypsosac.org.

Members wishing to send your membership payment online, kindly use the link in the left hand menu..

All data provided will only be used by the club for club records and communication purposes only. No data is provided to third parties unless the member is first requested to grant his permission..

By signing this form

I agree to abide by the rules of the Calypso Sub‐Aqua Club and acknowledge that I undertake underwater swimming and associated activities at my own risk and responsibility. I am not suffering from any physical complaint or ailment which may jeopardize my safety or wellbeing whilst taking part in such activities and agree that the Calypso Sub‐Aqua Club may hold my Membership details on a computer database.

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